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  • Eileen Gallagher

    I had injured my hip several years ago and was not able to get past the pain and restriction, even with physical therapy. I finally had X-rays and an MRI which showed two tears, arthritis and a bone spur. I consulted two well known surgeons in Naples Fl who told me I was ‘too old’ to have arthroscopic hip surgery. They just wanted to replace my hip. I was referred to Dr. Youm and after reviewing my case, he told me he would do the surgery. After surgery he told me he was able to repair all of the damage, as well as loosen a restrictive tendon. I was surprised how well I felt after the surgery. There was minimal pain and only in the area of the incisions. I was instructed to use the crutchesfor a month, even though after a few days I felt I could walk without them. I was amazed. I am now 2 months into PT and progressing very well. My PT is also amazed at the speed of my progress.

    Dr. Youm a wonderful job. He is one of the most pleasant and attentive doctors that I have ever met.

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  • Judy Clifford

    Dr. Youm performed hip arthroscopy to repair my torn labrum. Almost immediately after surgery I was pain-free, moving only within a limited range of motion of course. Even with the restriction of using a brace and crutches, I was realizing for the first time in over a year that I was on the path to being “normal” again. Dr. Youm was informative, professional, as well as friendly and soothing. The biggest concern I had was not to be talked into a hip replacement. When he told me arthroscopic surgery was definitely indicated – keeping body parts is important – I knew I had come to the right person! I would most definitely recommend Dr. Youm highly as well as the NYU Outpatient Hospital and all of its staff. No one wants to have surgery but if it is necessary, I can’t imagine a better medical solution/experience. Thank you to everyone!

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  • D Joseph

    Dr. Youm is my hero! He is so skilled at what he does. The quality of care he provided was second to none. This was my first surgical experience. The staff at RYC Orthopedics was very helpful, informative and caring both before and after my surgery. They are a very professional, caring, knowledgeable staff. Having total knee replacement surgery has really improved the quality of my life. For the first time in 3 years, I can walk without a limp, my leg is straight, and I have no pain. I look forward to taking long walks, swimming, and dancing. Basde on my personal experience, I would highly recommend Dr. Youm and RYC Orthopedics for any orthopedic needs.

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  • Della Garrity

    My initial surgery for right rotator cuff repair by a Doctor in Long Island was not successful. In fact, it was quite a problem. Dr. Youm ordered an MRI and reported he was unsure if it was repairable as the blood supply and tissue were poor. But, somehow he had the skill to repair it. Eventually, I needed repair of the left rotator cuff and the experience was wonderful and repair was successful. Thank you Dr. Youm! Dr. Youm is not only skilled providing quality care – he is kind, a good listener and spends time explaining effectively any concerns you have and offering suggestion that have always provided resolutions. I would say, and, in fact, have told many friends and family members about the wonderful care Dr. Youm provides – he is a “True Gem” of a Doctor and a wonderful person. I have told him several times that his parents have done a great job raising him to be such a fine person. His office staff have always been kind and patient and helpful – and his physician assistant is included in this comment.

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  • Sarah Muroski

    After hip arthroscopy by Dr. Youm, I am able to do all the activities I enjoy without pain. Dr. Youm cares about each individual patient. He provided a correct diagnosis and the surgery worked! I would recommend Dr. Youm.

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