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  • Bessie T-F

    The stem cell injections I had on both knees were amazing! I was in severe pain and limping before stem cell therapy. I had cortisone shots on both knees prior. Also synvisc injections. Also 12 weeks of physical therapy. Nothing worked. Stem cell treatment enabled me to walk in a month without pain and now I can walk 10 blocks at a time without pain and not limping. Dr. Youm’s knowledge and ability stands out from the first appointment to after care. He is an expert truly in his field. The best decision I made was to make an appointment to see Dr. Youm in December of 2014. I had recommended 2 friends to him in the past few months and will continue to recommend Dr. Youm.

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  • J Luna

    Dr. Youm’s arthroscopic surgery on both of my hips helped get my life back in order. I was able to return to my everyday active lifestyle. Surgery allowed me to live my life pain-free.

    The medical care of RYC Orthopaedics and Dr. Youm was outstanding. He provided me with all the knowledge I needed to know to get through surgery safely and efficiently. The quality of their care and service was at a very high level. I would definitely tell my friend to come to Dr. Youm. I would tell them that they would be in good hands with Dr. Youm. I would also assure my friend that RYC Orthopaedics would take great care of them and they would get the care they needed.

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  • M. Allen

    The surgery was incredible! I have no pain nor did I have any pain after surgery. When I woke up in the recovery room, I could tell immediately that my hip already felt so much better than it had. I dealt with the hip pain for a couple of years and it increasingly continued to get worse. I knew something was wrong. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t even hesitate about having the hip arthroscopy surgery. Absolutely 100% worth it. I only wish I had done it sooner!

    Dr. Youm has such a pleasant demeanor, he really makes you comfortable with the whole procedure. His explanations are fantastic and very detailed in a way that you can clearly understand. I was very comfortable asking questions, even if they seemed mundane and obvious. He proposed every available option and never made me feel pressured to make a rash decision. His staff was also very pleasant and helpful as well!

    I wouldn’t even hesitate to recommend Dr. Youm to anyone who needs an Orthopaedic Surgeon. In fact, my husband needed knee surgery and I strongly suggested him to see Dr. Youm. He did and also had his surgery performed by him. He is equally as happy as I am and feels great! We are both walking and running again! Thank you, Dr. Youm!

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  • T. McDermott

    Dr. Youm has performed two important surgeries on me in the last six years. Each has been a success and I have been able to get back to my full active life after both operations. Personalized service is what stands out the most with Dr. Youm. His advice is based on me and my activites, not just some random patient. Also, for my broken collarbone operation, he fit me into his surgery schedule the next day because he knew it needs to be operated on immediately in order to recover properly. I’ve already recommended Dr. Youm many times to great reviews. If you are looking for a competent, down to earth surgeon who has impeccable skills, see him. Sometimes surgery is not needed, and he will tell you that.

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  • Jeannette Newhook

    I have my life back! Dr. Thomas Youm is the Dr. that everyone wants and needs. Trust him. He is the best.

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