Hip Services

Thomas Youm, MD, FACS and Roy I. Davidovitch M.D. specialize in treatment of hip conditions. They use the latest medical technology with the state of art medical facility to provide their patients the best possible outcome. Click on the below mentioned tabs to know more about the services.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior Hip Replacement is a minimally invasive hip surgery to replace the hip joint without cutting through any muscles. The surgical procedure involves a small incision in front of the hip, anterior, as opposed to an incision on the side or back of the hip.

Hip Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy, also referred to as keyhole or minimally invasive surgery, is a procedure in which an arthroscope is inserted into a joint to check for any damage and repair it simultaneously.

Hip Preservation/ Osteotomy

The hip is a ball and socket joint comprising of the femur (thigh bone) and the pelvic bone. The head of the femur (ball) articulates with a cavity (socket) called the acetabulum in the pelvic bone.

Stem Cell Therapy/ Biologics

Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat various conditions.

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