Norma Hoffman

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Dr. Thomas Youm is a most special doctor, the finest, most expert surgeon, and above all, a caring, concerned professional who possesses every quality you hope to find in a doctor to whom you have entrusted your life, limb, and well-being. Dr. Youm performed two total replacement surgeries on my knees transforming them from a painful disabled condition to complete unrestricted pain-free movement and activity. For me, as a teacher of ballet, this outcome signified a return to a full teaching schedule for my legs and full satisfaction and contentment for my mind.

I thank Dr. Youm for the excellence of his care-pre- and post-surgery; for always being available to listen-and really hear and understand my worries and questions; for always being ready to discuss concerns and anxieties in a straightforward, patient way.

I am grateful indeed for Dr. Youm’s medical expertise and equally appreciative of the manner in which he performs and practices it and I thank him wholeheartedly.

Norma Hoffman
Director, The Ballet Center
Old Bethpage, New York

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