Orthopedic management of decubitus ulcers around the proximal femur

Tryggestad, Kari-Elise; Youm, Thomas; Koval, Kenneth J

2006 Jul;35(7):316-21, American journal of orthopedics (Belle Mead, NJ)

Decubitus ulcers, commonly known as pressure ulcers or sores, represent localized areas of tissue necrosis. Despite increased awareness and use of preventive measures, these ulcers remain a major concern in the hospitalized and immobile patient population. When the hip joint becomes infected or the wound remains refractory to nonsurgical treatments, the orthopedic surgeon becomes involved in patient care. In this review, a brief overview of decubitus ulcers and their nonsurgical management is given, followed by a discussion of various flaps used in more extensive repairs. The major orthopedic procedures presented include proximal femoral resection (Girdlestone procedure), hip disarticulation, and hemipelvectomy. These surgeries retain an important position in managing complicated decubitus ulcers around the proximal femur

– id: J0120442, year: 2006, vol: 35, page: 316, stat: Journal Article,

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